I prepare most of the fossils for sale on this site myself and this preparation is what turns a good specimen into an exceptional one.  I offer these preparation services to anyone who would like a fossil they have just found or already own to be prepared to the highest standard possible.

I have over 40 years of preparation and specimen conservation experience and have worked in museums and galleries around the world.  I have prepared everything from giant sauropod dinosaurs to microscopic single celled fossils.

With this wealth of experience I understand that each fossil is unique and will have different preparation needs.  Good preparation depends on the quality of the preparator's technical skill, their understanding of the fossil anatomy and physical nature of the matrix surrounding the fossil.  I offer my preparation service on a per hour basis.  The cost per hour will vary and depend on the difficulty of the preparation, the equipment that will be required and any consumable products that need to be used.  Prices can range from £10ph up to £30ph and therefore it is difficult to give an exact price until we speak to you and discuss your specimen with you. 

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Mechanical Preparation is the mainstay of fossil preparation.  We use tools to separate specimens from their matrix and reveal the fossil in its full beauty.  We have possibly the best equipped prep lab in the country.  We provide a full range of mechanical preparation services with the best air scribes available (Zoic PalaeoTech, Hardy Winkler and Ken Mannion) and four airbrasive machines (Comco, Vaniman & two custom built units.  We also provide micro preparation services using tools made and designed by us for extremely delicate and small fossil preparation which is undertaken under a binocular microscope.

Whatever your preparation requirements we will be able to help you.  Please contact us using the button below if you would like to discuss mechanical preparation for your your fossils.

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Chemical Preparation can often be used where mechanical preparation techniques can't.  This technique relies on a chemical difference between the fossil and the surrounding matrix.  We offer both acid and alkali preparation of fossil material.

Pyrite fossils are very common but unfortunately pyrite is chemically unstable and can react with oxygen and moisture in the air to decompose to a white and yellow powder producing sulfuric acid as a by product.  We are experienced in treating fossils with pyrite decay using museum approved methods such as ethanolamine thioglycolate and ammonia gas. 

Please contact us using the button below if you would like to discuss chemical preparation for your your fossils.

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Would you like to learn how to prep?  We offer training sessions either on a 1-2-1 basis or on an organised training course.  Currently due to COVID restrictions these are on hold but get in touch and then we can contact you when they are running again.

We run the sessions in our fully equipped prep workshop.  You will have opportunity to try a fully comprehensive range of equipment - a great way to see what will suit your needs.

We can also help and advise you on setting up your own prep space or lab.  From design and layout, to advice on equipment and suppliers - we are happy to help.

If you would prefer something outdoors then we offer specialist one to one instruction and guidance on the geology and palaeontology of the Jurassic Coast please contact us - we have helped and trained many of the guides who currently work there.

We also have extensive experience in museums - from designing entire galleries or advising on the best way to catalogue and store collections to interpretation stories.  Whatever your requirements from a personal collection up to a national museum - we can help.

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We often get asked where do we get our equipment from - we recommend you try these companies who we use and have found to be excellent.

The best company in the UK (and possibly the world) for fossil preparation equipment and consumables.  Their air scribes are fantastic which are made here in Dorset by Mihai.  We use the full range of their tools in our workshop and they are simply excellent.  They are the distributor for Vaniman airbrasive units in the UK.  They provide a fantastic range of other products and consumables for the fossil enthusiast.  Customer service from Mihai & Kate is second to none!

A superb Germany company that stocks the full range of Hardy Winkler (HW) air scribes (which we use in our workshop) and some equipment & consumables that are hard to get in the UK.  Excellent customer service and Thomas the owner has excellent English which helps as the website is in German only.

Ken Mannion's TT pen has been the mainstay of fossil preparation for over 30 years.  Still a useful tool.

Comco are the Rolls Royce of airbrasive units.  Make sure you are sitting down when you find out the price.  Epak Electronics are the UK distributors.  Great team & customer service.